21. Yagnya for benefit of Children

Synopsis You are my life The astral form of Lord Rama
Social Encouragement for Entrepreneurship Development Anahad
Yagnya Mantra (Chant to the Holy Fire) The Pain of Separation

Synopsis :

Yagnya means worhsip and offering to the holy-fire.

Even though Sita is very busy in the upbringing of her children, she keeps pining in her heart for her husband Lord Rama. Once, late into the night, after the Children are asleep, Sita sings a deeply moving song, pining for her Lord. Her cry is so intense, that Lord Rama has to appear in His astral form to meet her.

On realising Sita's anguish, Lord Rama asks her forgiveness explaining that their separation was needed in order to bring certain virtues of Kingship to mankind by Him.

However to atone for His shortfall as a parent in the present 'Avatar' (divine incarnation), he gives verses of how the youth should be encouraged to be enterprising in life.This and more here...

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