6:Festival of Joy

The worship with 'Haldi-Kumkum' No Life without LOVE.
Nature composed of five elements. Divine Faculties   Path of Development   Beyond characteristics and forms.   Originator of our Speech
Blossoms of Tulsi   Nature is all decked up  The Glory of Mahalaxmi's temple.
Mystical Questions The court of 'Devi',Goddess The abode of bliss
Yearning   The accumulation of 'Karma'


Song 8 :

Blossoms of 'Tulsi'

One takes medicine
When you come to a doctor.
That which suits your health.
And not any other. ||1||

Devotional 'Tulsi' 1 blossoms
Are of nine types 2 and parts
Offer that to the diety
Which pleases your heart. . ||2||

1. Tulsi : sacred basil , often used in worship chanting Holy name
2. Nine types of devotion: Naamsmaran:Chanting holy name
Chintan : Meditation
Atma-Manthan : Introspection
Poojan : Offering worship with flowers etc.
Pathan : Reading scriptures
Kirtan : Singing devotional hymns
Vandan : salutation to divinity in all beings
Atma-samarpan : surrender
Sat-Karma : Good-deeds.

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