5: Science and Spirituality

Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control.  Science & Spirituality
Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
The Happiness of God Divine Union   The tree of Consciousness.
Pollination   Part of Heart   Injured  Mother Nature's obligation
The Wakeful Nature Deserving friends Where to hide ?
The love of God.   God's presence Shadow Consciousness


Song 6 :

Chitta Vriksha
The tree of Consciousness.

Man’s consciousness reaches for heavens
Like the mango tree.
A million leaves beautify
Many a virtues prettify. ||1||

Essence of the tree
Resides in all fruits
Progressing through stages
Man too sublimates. ||2||

Like the essence of the humongous tree tries to find its
way in every fruit, and despite moving through stages of
being unripe, bitter etc.,the fruit eventually generates
ambrosial pulp, so also does the consciousness eventually

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