2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

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Song 21 :

Teen Gunn Shri Ainche
Three virtues of mother

One and two and three.
These are virtues, three
Out of infinite love
she brings up her children silently. ||1||

One and two and three
These are virtues, three.
In times of great anxiety.
She sings to make kids worry free. ||2||

One and two and three
These are virtues, three.
Be it in youth or evening of life
She exhibits strength, ‘shakti’, ||3||


Sakhi 3:
Oh Triguna! Every answer you give to any
question is so beautiful.
(anxiously) Oh! Dear. But for several days, there
has been a storm of questions in my mind.
Sakhi 4:
(interrupting) . Wow! What a wonderful evening.

Indeed, you are so right. Whatever you do in the worship
of God , do it with complete reverence. Then it will reach
Her feet . Whatever is the form of God that you have in
your heart, keep complete faith in it. Then that ‘bhakti’
will bear fruit. In the history of deities , the forms of these
dieties has depended from time to time on what was in
man’s mind and as per his intellectual ability to think.
Accordingly, the gods manifested. But this is not just a
matter of imagination, but in fact, whichever form one
believes in, if one places full faith in that form , then that
‘bhakti’ leads to ‘mukti’, salvation.
Sakhi 5:
How true. And how beautiful, is this moment.
O! dear. You have spoken something straight out of my
heart. Come let us perform ‘Arati’ , worship with lighted
lamp, at this beautiful moment.

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