2. Sweet memories

Auspicious Day Sita - Rama in Janakpur Pining for the Lord's feet
Lord has forsaken me

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Sita pregnant with Rama's heir
Lost in memories of long ago
Her face glowed with a smile
Narrating story of Shiva's bow

Song 1 :

Auspicious Day

Sakhi!* The auspicious day had come
When I saw Lord Rama
I lost my heart to Him
Music echoed in the kingdom||1||

Every corner was decorated
Like flowers in full blossom
Many a prince had came
But Lord Rama alone filled my bosom ||2||

The Lord was radiant full of energy
In a moment he broke Shiva's bow
A deafening sound indeed was heard
Lightening seemed to strike a glow ||3||

Friend! My heart blossomed
Started beating in Lord Rama's name
Said Lord Rama, Lord Rama
Said Lord Rama, Lord Rama ||4||

*Sakhi = lady friend

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