5: Science and Spirituality

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Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
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Then how does one compare the study of science vis-a-vis
the study of spirituality?


Song 3 :

Vigyan va Aatma Jnyaanache Tulnatmak Swaroop
Comparative study of Science and Spirituality

Some will study science,
Some will study spirituality
What is the form of both of them?
What is their specialty? ||1||

Science studies materialistic expanse.
Perceived by the five senses
Spirituality perceives the 'Anaahat Prakash ' ,
Effulgence beyond human limits of perception.
Through 'Dhyan', Focus on the Lord
and 'Samadhi', Silence of Meditation. ||2||

One studies, the lives of the living life,
The other studies,
phenomena beyond living life
One looks at energy of fire, sound,
With 'Pranayama' the 'Pranic Shakti' ,
Energy that Enlivens the material body is invoked. ||3||

For good health of the body,
one takes physical exercise.
For spirituality one needs 'Yogasanas'
Science of Astronomy
studies the Milky Way.
Spiritual introspection leads
to realisation of God in one's heart. ||4||

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