8:Soul the traveler

Journey of the soul Realising one's soul Ways of 'Atma-Siddhi'
Pilgrimage vis-a vis Spiritual Voyage   Future journey   God's tear of love   Proximity The Ashes   Flame of the SOUL Different galaxies
The Shore Beyond The Pristine-World The Grand Form of Mahalaxmi

Song 4 :

Pilgrimage vis-a vis Spiritual Voyage

For a long pilgrimage
I have packed my bags, packed my bags

On them I have put the destination as
'To the feet of the Lord'
I have taken along victuals
Of 'Satya-Karma' 1 . ||1||

I have with me 'Haldi-Kumkum' 2
Of Faith and Devotion
And then shall my soul enjoy
The bliss of a 'SPIRITUAL EXPEDITION '. ||2||

1. Satya-Karma : Right Action
2. Haldi-Kumkum : Turmeric and Vermillion

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