8:Soul the traveler

Journey of the soul Realising one's soul Ways of 'Atma-Siddhi'
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The Shore Beyond The Pristine-World The Grand Form of Mahalaxmi

(When the scene opens Mother Mahalaxmi is seated happily in her lotus seat,
while the otherYoginis are scurrying around in a confused state of mind,
with a questioning expression on their face as suddenly from outside
there is the sound of elephants trumpeting, and also the sound of their
feet dancing.)


Mother Mahalaxmi! What is this sound of celebration?
I think there is a gathering of elephants over there.

Please, open your own third eye of divine vision and see for yourself
what is the reason of joy and festivity in the gathering of elephants.

(All Yoginis close their eyes, and fold their hands. They see a scene in which
there is a gathering of elephants, both male and female, along with their calves.
The elephants are feeding joyously along with their calves, and trumpeting
in happiness.)

Oh I see! so the elephant family is celebrating the birth of their
newborn calves and this is the trumpeting for it!

Is such happiness there in other species also?

Why don't you see for yourself!
(The scene changes and one lioness is seen mothering her cubs with great affection and happiness.
Some of the cubs are also playing and causing mischief to each other.
The lioness is sometimes grunting contentedly. In another scene
Other species of animals are also seen mothering their little ones.)

This means that, just as the birth of a child is celebrated joyously in the human society,
similarly, there is joy of a new birth in other species, also!

But mother Laxmi! Does the newborn, ignorant calf know anything or have any feelings about this?

Yes,dear Chitrini. And these feelings are connected with the journey of the soul.

All Yoginis : (together)
Journey of the soul? What does that precisely mean?

Song 1 :

Atma Pravas
Journey of the Soul

What say you? What say you?
I say so , I say so!

The fetus in mother's womb,
Grows in its own environ
The sky and all elements
Are fulfilled therein. ||1||

When gestation is over,
The fetus is filled with scare
Is this the end of my journey
Of a new birth its not aware. ||2||

In the womb of mother earth
Like her embryos we breed
The five elemental environ
Fulfills all our need. ||3||

Take Ye! morsel of 'Sat-Karma' 1
For good God always yearn
Then there'll be no death
Only a spiritual sojourn. ||4||

1. Sat-Karma : Good-deeds; correct actions

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