9:I am Brahma.

I am Brahma. Treasure of Knowledge With Folded Hands
Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.   The harmony of Nature
Know Ye! my heart.   Introduction of the SOUL   Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me
On seeing one's own SOUL HYMN OF LOVE FOR GOD.
Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi


All Sakhis: (saluting Triguna)
Triguna, you are really blessed. Your 'Bhakti' devotion has fructified. You seem to have gone into some kind of 'Yog-Nidra', meditative trance, and seen this scene of discussions between Mahalaxmi and her Yoginis.

And yes… I got a special miraculous experience.!

Miraculous experience? What experience?

I saw my own soul, in the ‘Nirguna’ form.

What do you mean?

Triguna (to herself) :
Early in the morning today when my eyes open, and I looked towards the lotus seat of Mahalaxmi, there instead of Mahalaxmi, I found in astral form. I looked at it with amazement and sat up.. There seemed to be a soft music in the air, and then my whole body was filled with goose pimples when I noticed that that astral form was none other than my own image ,my own soul.

Song 9 :

Atma Rupaache Darshan
On seeing one's own SOUL

O! Sakhi, Lord Krishna's divine flute plays
Filling me with divine vibrations
That bring forth a 'Jagruti' 1 of my SOUL.
What characteristics define the soul ?
What consciousness animates it. ?

She is 'NIRMAL’'3
She is 'NIRAGAS' 4
She is 'BAIRAGI' 5
And yet a King of Kings.

The SOUL is full of unconditional LOVE
She is 'PRASHANT' 6
And importantly
The SOUL looks upon my body it resides in
With a far off detached composure.

1. Jagruti : Awakening
2. Nirguna : Master over the three GUNAS viz.
‘Sattvic’ (pure and subtle); ‘Rajasic’
(worldly); ‘Tamasic’ (Gross)
qualities and yet not engulfed
or over-powered by them.
3. Nirmal : purest of pure
4. Niragas : has authority of innocence
5. Bairagi : mendicant traveler.
6. Prashant : immensely peaceful like the Pacific Ocean

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