5: Science and Spirituality

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Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
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truly, 'Pranayama' results in a happy mind.
But mymind is puzzled by a different problem.
The intelligent human being has by his nature of curiosity,
invented many scientific inventions.
But has this also given him 'Atma-Jnyan', spiritual knowledge?


Song 2 :

Vigyan va Atmajnyan
Science & Spirituality

The limit of man's knowledge.
At a particular time
about the operation of nature.
Is called as science . ||1||

But that which is personal
Which has no limitation of time.
Which is infinite
That limitless knowledge is referred to
as 'Atma-Jnyana', spiritual knowledge. ||2||

The manifestations of science.
Are widely well discussed
While that of 'Atma-Jnyana' are limited to one's own self
Then how can there be research papers for this ? ||3||

However, with a good conscience
some part of spiritual knowledge.
If put into practice
It may become manifest.
In different forms.
Like river 'Bhagirithi'. ||4||

Gorma like new divine music
Transcribing of poems of 'Para-Vani' , heavenly voices,
Resolving complex problems.
Creative project implementation.
And unimaginable experiences. ||5||

The person who uses his spiritual knowledge.
For useful practical purposes.
To achieve the good of mankind.
He will be eligible for divine grace.
For sure know this. ||6||

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