5: Science and Spirituality

Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control. Science & Spirituality
Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
The Happiness of God Divine Union   The tree of Consciousness.
Pollination   Part of Heart   Injured  Mother Nature's obligation
The Wakeful Nature Deserving friends Where to hide ?
The love of God.   God's presence Shadow Consciousness

(When the scene starts all the Yoginis are sitting in their respective
places in a posture of meditation. They utter Ommm three times, and
then slowly open their eyes. They then look at each other happily.)


Mother Mahalaxmi, what is the importance of 'Pranayama' ?


Song 1 :

Ghas Pranayamacha
Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control.

'Satvic', ambrosial food
Gives good physical health
For the well-being of soul.
Food is breath control. ||1||

We pick and choose clean food
Eat for a good body,
The morsel of 'Pranayama'
Gives mind that is happy. ||2||

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