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Yes, now have understood that just as the fetus in the
mother's womb ,gets empowered to take birth in
this world and achieves a new milestone in his
spiritual journey, similarly the living human being on
this earth , through 'Sat-Karma' and 'remembering
God', achieves a higher milestone of spiritual development.
But then how does the link between man and God
remain intact?

The fetus and its mother
Are joined by umbilical chord,
So also a chord of 'Praana-Shakti' 1
Binds the living and Mother God . 5

Infact the relationship of 'Atma' and 'Parmatma' ,
the SOUL and GOD is as gentle as the relation of a couple in love.
In this relationship there is pure love, affection, also misunderstandings
and yet care and sacrifice. And like the love of a couple , if true, keeps
increasing day by day without others necessarily getting to know about it,
similarly the yearning between SOUL and GOD keeps increasing day by day.
The love between SOUL and GOD is as pure as the sacred river Ganges.

But then, how does one get to realise one's soul?

Oh! Ulka , this knowledge comes only through the
blessings of a Sat-Guru, Great Spiritual Master.

Blessings of the Great spiritual Master? What does that mean ?

One can get Spiritual knowledge by following the
teachings of Lord Guru Dattatreya, Lord Sri Krishna, and
other such respectable Great Spiritual Masters. The knowledge
can also be gained by the guidance of self-realised
souls like Sri Swami Samarth, Sri Guru Datta Chile
Maharaj and such others.

Song 1 :

Atma Rupa
Realising one's soul

The traveller in a guesthouse.
Resides for just few days,
He mentions his identity.
By the room number he lives. ||1||

But when his friends arrive.
He greets them all well.
And engages in discussions.
Refers himself by name real. ||2||

Life is but of few days.
Our given name we extol
But when the Guru blesses us
We realise our own soul. ||3||

1. Praana-Shakti : divine life giving energy

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