8:Soul the traveler

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Song 12 :

The Pristine-World.

One who gets a dream.
He sees the dream-world.
Can any living friends go there
Or even his own household. ||1||

When body is tired.
Blood is rendered impure
Surrender to sleep
Makes you fresh and sure. ||2||

Soul's journey of several births
Gives fatigue in some ways.
Out of ignorance it's illuded
With mortal life’s sway. ||3||

One who performs egoless duty
Has devotional 'Punyayi' 1
He sublimates into Pristine-World
This journey too is lonely. ||4||

There he shall get through
The company of holy souls
He shall be resurrected
In that Pristine-world. ||5||

1. Punyayi : accumulation of good actions.

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