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Not only effort, but a divine inspiration has played a key role in the blossoming of this vibrant Sita Shakti Kavya. The result is that many incidents in the anthology, not recounted in other versions of the life of Rama and Sita, have found place for the first time in Sita Shakti Kavya.
Brig. P.V.Gole (Retd.), AVSM, Chairman, Development Education (International) Society, Pune, India.

SITA has a unique position of respect in the hearts of common people among Indians.
Ms. Lindy Stewart, Calgary University Canada ,
Women's Role Models in Modern India, Nov 1998
"In Sita Shakti Kavya, you (Pradeep Wagh) have introduced an epoch making perspective"
Dr. Siyaram Tiwari, Vishwabharati, Shanti Niketan
while offering his critical commentary. Dec 1999
"I am happy to associate with this Kavya (Anthology) as it takes a hitherto untouched perspective of the life of SITA. I hope this Kavya will one day be accepted as a Lok-Kavya (People's Poetry)."
Vidyavachaspati Dr.Umashankar Upadhyaya,
Head of Hindi Department, Pune University. July 2000
"For the first time in my life, I have had the chance to see a unique multi-media presentation of a new poetry and song publication. This Kavya is a unique effort."
Mrs. Shantabai Shelke, A reputed poetess of Maharashtra.
"This anthology has got universal applicability"
Mr. Kelvin Duncan, MD, Community Communications,
Christchurch, New Zealand.
"I have read this Sita Shakti Kavya on the web with great interest and appreciation."
Mr. Wilfried Claus, Director, Strategic Development Group,
The Netherlands.

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