7: Nad Brahama, The Sound Divine

Seed words for 'Naad Brahma' Characters in a dream
Holy hymns of the heart Peace Prayer Meditation of Camphor

Song 5 :

Meditation of Camphor

I offer salutation to the Lord
And tell you my dear ones.
What is camphor meditation
For purifying one’s consciousness. ||1||

Take Ye! camphor in a small vessel.
Fill your heart with devotion.
Worship mother goddess with lighted camphor
With your complete attention. ||2||

The light, so blessed by the goddess.
Hold in front of your eyes
With a feeling of surrender to Him.
Observe keenly as God manifest. ||3||

Sights firmly on the camphor flame,
Visualise the formless form ,
Feel the warmth on your visage
And utters the mantra of Ommm . ||4||

While there is unburnt camphor
With a deep breath put out flame
The ambrosial vapour of camphor.
Breathe it in several times. ||5||

Turn your mind inwards then.
Repeatedly say Omkar
Your heart will become peaceful
This sublime Mantra as you savour. ||6||

This then is camphor meditation.
It gives peace, purity ,wisdom
You shall then reside by God
For all times to come. ||7||

And so ends Pushpamala 7
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

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