9:I am Brahma.

I am Brahma. Treasure of Knowledge With Folded Hands
Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.   The harmony of Nature
Know Ye! my heart.   Introduction of the SOUL   Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me
On seeing one's own SOUL HYMN OF LOVE FOR GOD.
Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi


All Sakhis:(fold hands and greet Triguna together)
Triguna , this is indeed the fruit of your 'Bhakti', devotion.

Yes indeed! I am feeling blessed.! I am feeling blessed!Come let us perform the morning 'Arati', worship.

Song 10 :

Preetichi Aarti

O! God Thou art effulgent
We are but a small lamp ,
We perform this hymn, offering our LOVE.
We offer the Nav-Bhakti (nine forms of Devotion)
With flowers at the Lotus feet of divine Mother.

We sow the seeds of Sat-karma (Good Deeds)
And call to our Divine Mother,
The incense of ‘Jnyana’ knowledge we get is amazing,
Indeed Divine Mother looks so beautiful with
her consort Lord Vitthala .

I am now immersed in remembering the
name of the Lord
And I have lost my own self in it.
The divine inspiration I am getting is like that
of the holy Ganges
It takes me to meet and unite with my own
'NIRGUNA'(formless) form.

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