4: Jeevan Pravah, Life’s Journey

Preaching to the fetus in mother’s womb Mother’s Duties  Practical dealings
Mother’s milk  Child’s Enlightenment from Mother’s Milk
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The devotion filled journey of life   Stepping into the Third Phase of life Confluence of Wealth

(When the scene starts, all the Yoginis are conversing in
small groups)


Hello there my dear ones . What are these
animated discussions?

Mother Mahalaxmi , we have understood how the
husband-and-wife should conduct themselves to reach the
feet of the Lord. But the upbringing of children has an
important place in the life of a mother and is an important
function. Is it not?

very true… but this duty of the mother starts
right from the time the baby is in her womb from ‘Garbhupdesh’
, initiating teaching to the fetus.

‘Garbh-Updesh’, what does that mean? Who should
give this, how should it be given, and when should it be

‘Garbh-Updesh’, is to be given by the mother and her
dear ones with a pure heart , as a form of blessing to the
new developing fetus.

The pregnant mother may place the four fingers of her right
hand on the stomach near the womb with a sacred thought
that the vibrations of this teaching shall pass through the
fingers to the embryo. She may also place a glass of water
or offerings of fruit and food in front of her while reciting
these teachings . After the teaching has been recited the
mother should eat the food and drink the water with a
conviction that the food is now sanctified by the above
mantra and the teachings and when she eats the same the
blessings of the mantra and teaching shall reach the baby
in her womb by means of nourishment

Song 1 :

Garbho –Upadesh
Preaching to the fetus in mother’s womb

|| Om, May the newly conceived soul
be enlivened with divine life ||

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

(Recite this above mantra 11 times and then read the following)

Oh ! Newly embodied soul in the womb,
Thou art a sacred microcosm of Brahma, the Supreme Creator
Even while you are in your mother’s womb
Be blessed by the gifts of mother nature || 1 ||

Thou are blessed with hands,
For performing good deeds
Lotus feet endowed on you,
To walk the righteous path || 2 ||

The eyes gift you,
A world vision of grace
The ears and auditory means,
Are for you to learn || 3 ||

Tongue is the temple of Goddess Saraswati,
For you to recite mantras (chants)
Heart and mind, mystical and fathomless,
For Ye, to contemplate on Brahma || 4 ||

The five senses indeed,
Shall join your soul to the external world
So that you may seek the elements and colours
That beautify the world || 5||

Importantly, while you reside in your mother’s womb,
Absorb and soak-in the “Anaahat Nad”
For these are the ones that shall keep you company
In the cacophony of the world after birth || 6 ||

* Anaahat Nad : Divine vibration beyond normal human limits.

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