9:I am Brahma.

I am Brahma. Treasure of Knowledge With Folded Hands
Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.   The harmony of Nature
Know Ye! my heart.   Introduction of the SOUL   Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me
On seeing one's own SOUL HYMN OF LOVE FOR GOD.
Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi


Now I am very anxious to see this soul who is himself
'Brahmaroop', in the form of the creator.

Then come! Let us get introduced to the soul of my
devotee ‘Triguna’ itself.

All Yoginis together:
Wow, that is excellent! We are all keen to get this
mystical introduction.
(Goddess Mahalaxmi raises her right palm in blessing
towards devotee Triguna who is sleeping, and the SOUL
of Triguna comes out of her body in astral form, and yet
remains connected to her. One or two Yoginis squeal in
awe and take shelter behind a pillar in a reflexive reaction
to the mystical appearance of the soul.
Goddess Mahalaxmi offers her own lotus seat to the SOUL
to stand and everybody greets the SOUL with folded

Song 6 :

Olakhi Manaa
Know Ye! my heart.

Know Ye! my heart.
Your divine soul.
The golden moment has come
My consciousness is sublime. ||1||

The flute of Lord Gopala 1
Keep in heart its vibration
The time has come
For fruit of your devotion. ||2||

Note: 1. Lord Gopala : Lord Krishna who used to play mellifluous flute.
(The SOUL begins to talk about herself in a mystical voice).

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