8:Soul the traveler

I am Brahma. Treasure of Knowledge With Folded Hands
Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.   The harmony of Nature
Know Ye! my heart.   Introduction of the SOUL   Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me
On seeing one's own SOUL HYMN OF LOVE FOR GOD.
Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi

Song 7 :

Introduction of the SOUL

I am 'Atma' the SOUL
A microcosm of Brahma,
Where shall I get an abode
I searched in the Cosmos . ||1||

I am a traveler
Of light-years a million
I’ve seen Cosmos astounding
Created by Brahman.||2||

In that infinite universe
The galaxies form ornaments
Countless stars in all directions
Of inexhaustible effulgence. ||3||

Invisible strings tie them delicately
Balancing space and time
Its origin is untraceable
None understands its rhyme. ||4||

Spiral, disc, countless shapes
Are there for billion stars,
Why is there destruction then
In dark holes leaving scars . ||5||

I entered the Milky Way
Saw family of nine sisters,
Father Sun is caring for all
Uttering always Omkar. ||6||

This is the temple of the Lord
Nine planets are like pillars
Lord sun resides in sanctum 1
Moon is its chandelier . ||7||

Lord 'Surya' 2, I salute you,
Bless me oh! 'Diwakar' 3,
Gift me the light of knowledge,
Oh all effulgent ‘Namaskar’ 4 .||8||

I crossed Saturn, Jupiter, Mars
Came near the Moon
Saw a divine Vision
That came into view. ||9||

Who is this beautiful mother
Whose garments are azure blue
Her blouse is of greenery
Ornaments of clouds anew. ||10||

Oh! This is Mother Earth,
My own home and abode,
The shelter to all living creatures,
I will find here harbour. ||11||

Now my only wish is
To do duty ,be devoted
Mother Earth should never be distressed
This will be my spiritual deed. ||12||

Note: 1. Sanctum : Latin term meaning holy site. Sanctum
sanctorum refers to the 'garbha griha' in
Hinduism, meaning the shrine inside a
temple complex where the main deity is installed
2. Surya : Sun
3. Diwakar : Sun as maker of the day.
4. Namaskar : salutation signifying 'The light within me
honors the light within you.'

(Note: While verse 7 and 8 are going on, there is in the
background the utterance of 12 names of Sun-God that are
supposed to resurrect the life force.:

Aumm Mitraya Namah;
Aumm Ravaye Namah;
Aumm Suryay Namah;
Aumm Bhanave Namah;
Aumm Khagay Namah;
Aumm Pushnave Namah;
Aumm Hiranyagarbhay Namah;
Aumm Marichaye Namah;
Aumm Adityay Namah;
Aumm Savitrey Namah;
Aumm Arkay Namah;
Aumm Bhaskaray Namah.)

(All Yoginis are spell-bound to hear this introduction of the
Soul, and they salute her with great respect.)

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