3: Paativratya, Faithfullness to spouse

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Faithfulness towards Spouse/Husband The basic value for ‘Purusharth’

Song 3 :

Paativratya Swabhav
The virtue of Ideal Wife

Husband is her sole ‘Vrata’ 1 .
Unison of hearts among them .
The ‘Dharma’ 2 of the husband
Forms her own avowed aim. ||1||

Husband is himself her ‘Guru’
This is her sacred thought.
Husband is the final quarter
This is ‘Paativratya’ 3 , . ||2||

1. Vrata : aim, goal.
2. Dharma : duty in a phase of life.
3. Paativratya : Virtue of ideal wife.


mother Sita was the wife of a king. So is her
“Paativratya’ greater than that of common man’s wife. ?

no dear Sakhi’s , not at all. ’Paativratya’ has
the same status in the eyes of the Lord. There is no
differentiation of high and low over there.

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