4: Jeevan Pravah, Lifeís Journey

Preaching to the fetus in motherís womb Motherís Duties  Practical dealings
Motherís milk  Childís Enlightenment from Motherís Milk
For the benefit of allÖ   Guru Knowledge.   Human birth
The devotion filled journey of life   Stepping into the Third Phase of life Confluence of Wealth

Song 8 :

Human -Birth

When the hands of the four-legged animals became free
The monkeys, not knowing what to do with them.
Went on a riot through the trees. ||1||

In the human birth.
Man is additionally enriched by intellect.
As if the creator.
Has sent down his own Ambassador. ||2||

Then what stops us from creating.
A beautiful world ?
We will certainly realise God
If we are a filled with humility and surrender. ||3||

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