9:I am Brahma.

I am Brahma. Treasure of Knowledge With Folded Hands
Everything is done by Lord Panduranga.   The harmony of Nature
Know Ye! my heart.   Introduction of the SOUL   Mahalaxmi Has Blessed Me
On seeing one's own SOUL HYMN OF LOVE FOR GOD.
Ode in praise of Mahalaxmi


As mothers who give birth to children, women folk can also
get experience of 'Aham Brahmasmi', viz I am the creator.

How is that?

The inklings of the child are in the mother's heart.

Song 5 :

Srustichi Laya
The harmony of nature

O! Sakhi,
The harmony of nature
Is blossoming
In my womb. ||1||

With the inkling
Of the new 'life'
A sense of anxiety
Engulfs my heart. ||2||

The labour pains
Are witness
Child birth is difficult
Then alone does a new light descend . ||3||

For when I immerse myself
In this Rhythm of creation ,
Then do I realize
That I myself am 'Mother Nature'. ||4||

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