8. Glory of Lord's name

Synopsis My pining assuaged Father Rama's glory of names


The toddlers Lav and Kush, unlike other children, prefer to play with bows and arrows - apparently reflecting their princely birth. One day, they bring a toy bow and arrow to Sita and ask her to teach them how to use it. Sita sorrowfully explains that she does not know how to use the bow and arrow. How she wished that their father was there to teach them. At this, the innocent children beg her to take them to their father, so that they can learn archery from him. Sita, overcome with grief, says that their father has forgotten them and will not come to see them. The children, seeing their mother in tears, comfort her and say that even if they get to know the name of their father, they will chant his name as a mantra and that itself will be sufficient for them to learn all the techniques related to the art of archery.

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