8:Soul the traveler

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but mother Lakshmi, the soul is passing
through so many bodies. Then, does its
property also change?


Song 9 :

Flame of the SOUL

The flame of camphor, and the flame of the oil-wick lamp
May appear different
But their basic properties are the same.
Similarly, the soul in everyone’s body is of the same basic property.
Only it has different body forms.
In short, the soul is the same in everybody.
But in the case of some people,
They realise God and unify with Him.

soul is the same in everybody.
Some realise God and unify with him.
But that does not mean that they should look down upon others.

Oh, wooden body.
Why do you behave arrogantly?
For I alone am your life-giving force.
Pure and divine.

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