6:Festival of Joy

The worship with 'Haldi-Kumkum' No Life without LOVE.
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Blossoms of Tulsi   Nature is all decked up  The Glory of Mahalaxmi's temple.
Mystical Questions The court of 'Devi',Goddess The abode of bliss
Yearning   The accumulation of 'Karma'

(When the scene starts , all the Yoginis are offering Haldi- Kumkum ,
turmeric-vermillion application to fore-head, toeach other .
They are smiling at each other pleasantly andengaging in light conversations.
They are also performing a ceremony called 'Oti-Bharan' which means worshipping
a lady by filling her lap with auspicious articles, fruits, etc.and touching each
others' feet as if the other person is a goddess. Some Yoginis are standing with
Mahalaxmi and they are animatedly discussing something.)


Mother Mahalaxmi, what is the importance of Haldi-Kumkum for ladies?

Oh! Dear Vama, Haldi-Kukum represents
mutual good-will, because when ladies apply Haldi-Kumkum
to each other, at that time their hearts unify atleast for
some moments, and their mutual love increases.

Oh! I see, is that why there is Haldi-Kum-Kum tradition
in our society from time to time. ?

And Yes, Haldi-Kum-Kum is a festival of joy for ladies, isn't it?
( all Yoginis laugh mildly)

Yes, Ulka . The other important thing is that it
is a symbol of 'Soubhagya', sacred married status.

Song 1 :

Haldi-Kumkum chi Otti
The worship with 'Haldi-Kumkum'

My 'sakhis'1 have arrived
They are my neighbors of love and affection
I worship them like 'Mother Goddesses'
It connects me to TRUTH and ultimate perfection.

We apply 'Haldi-Kumkum' 2 on each others forehead
And share sorrows and joys like a kin
This then is the strength of 'Haldi-Kumkum',
It empowers us spiritually from within.

1 Sakhi : female-friend
2. Haldi-Kumkum : Turmeric and Vermilion, a pinch
of which is applied by Indian ladies as an auspicious
mark on the fore-head.

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