25. Appearance of the Empowered Sita

Synopsis Appearance of the Empowered Sita
Sita Stuti (Ode In Praise Of Sita)


Synopsis :

Rama is filled with awe at the sight of the empowered Sita and instantly the mystery is resolved. He recognizes Lav and Kush as his own children born to Sita.

But now Sita is no longer his weak wife. She has transformed into an EMPOWERED MOTHER.

SITA's eyes are full of devotion for her Lord, but she has the strength to stand back in detachment from Him. As she breathes, the trees of the forest dance in tune. Her voice is powerful due to tapascharya (penance).

Sita has a calm composure and she walks with her head held high, as she has fulfilled her dharma (duty) of being mother to the princes.

The fact is that Sita is no longer just a mother of two children but a 'Jagat janani' (Divine Mother of all creation) who looks upon all living beings with love and affection.

On seeing this empowered 'Divine Mother' form of Sita, there is a surge of admiration in the hearts of all soldiers and common people of Ayodhya who have come to witness the event.

A wonderful picture emerges when Sita uses the auspicious lamp in her hand to perform Arati (worship) of RAMA and Rama sings a 'Sita Stuti', i.e., Ode in praise of Sita.

Eventually, Rama, in a way, expresses the sentiment of all the people by singing this ode and prays to Sita to come and reside in His heart.

In this way Sita, representing the womankind in general, emerges as the all-powerful timeless Divine Mother of the human race.

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