7. Education of Lav and Kush

Synopsis Essence of Life Request to Rishi Valmiki
Dharma (The Goal) of life of Lav & Kush Learning
Union of Atma with Parmatma



The birth of Lav and Kush also turns out to be the birth of a new 'avatar', that is, the incarnation of Sita in the role of a Mother.

Sita prays to Rishi Valmiki to take her twin children under his fold and give them good knowledge of Vedas, martial arts, etc., so that they grow up to be protectors of righteousness.

While the children are undergoing rigorous schooling under Rishi Valmiki, Sita as a mother keeps a watchful eye on their physical, emotional and spiritual development, because she aspires that they should prove to be worthy sons of 'Bharat' i.e.. India. For this purpose, she imparts her own knowledge and experience to the children at appropriate times.

The anthology then builds upon SITA's inherent inner spiritual strength. Lav and Kush, like any other inquisitive children, keep questioning her about the process of life. As a mother, Sita answers all their questions and imparts strong 'Sanskars' (value systems) to them. Lav Kush occasionally summarise what they have learnt.

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