2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

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Mother’s beauty Mother engulfs my heart The diety in Every Moment
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Mahalakshmi virtues Three virtues of mother ‘Arati’ of Shri Mahalaxmi
‘Arati’ of Adishakti

Song 11 :

Kshan Devata
The diety in Every Moment

In three dimensions
Is Clay, Wood , Stone diety
So also in the fourth dimension
Time is the profound diety . ||1||

At every pilgrimage place,
Worship is offered with devotion.
‘Anand’ 1, and ‘Prem’ 2,
Are offerings for every ‘Moment’ ||2||

1. Anand : Happiness
2. Prem : Love


By worshipping the image of this
‘Adi-Shakti’,timeless divine Mother, our mind can
get concentrated. Otherwise how can one
experience her infinite form?

Sakhi 1:
Come let us then pray together.

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