4: Jeevan Pravah, Lifeís Journey

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Confluence of Wealth

Song 11 :

Confluence of Wealth

Mother nature gives us life, All men and women are like her children. Endow all of us with 'Yog-Aishvaryam' this is our prayer to you. ||1||

Oh Mother, give to the child , 'Su-Sanskar', good values This Wealth of Values shall make its life fruitful To the students give storehouse of knowledge, This is 'Jnyana-Aishvarya', Wealth of knowledge. ||2||

To the youth give 'Udyog Aishvarya', Enterprise-Wealth To stand on their own feet, Let the family life be showered with Wealth of Affection To live life happily. ||3||

With an exalted feeling of serving society, Give for certain 'Parmarth-Aishvarya', Wealth of gooddeeds, Considering flaura and fauna as ones kith and kin, Give us 'Sristi-Aishvarya' , Wealth of Nature. ||4||

That achievement which shall resound for ages, Give us such 'Yug-Aisvarya', Wealth for Ages, Humble union with will divne Give us that 'Param-Aishvarya', Wealth of Divine Bliss. ||5||

The 'Yog', confluence of these eight wealths Is indeed 'Yog-Aishvaryam', Oh, Mother Goddess. Help us to establish 'Yog-Aishvaryam' ||6||

Notes: 1. Yog-Aishvarya : Confluence of Wealth

And so ends Pushpamala 4
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

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