6:Festival of Joy

The worship with 'Haldi-Kumkum' No Life without LOVE.
Nature composed of five elements. Divine Faculties   Path of Development   Beyond characteristics and forms.   Originator of our Speech
Blossoms of Tulsi   Nature is all decked up  The Glory of Mahalaxmi's temple.
Mystical Questions The court of 'Devi',Goddess The abode of bliss
Yearning   The accumulation of 'Karma'

Song 6 :

Nirgun Nirakar
Beyond characteristics and forms.

The effulgence of planets.
Dazzling expanse of universe
Lord Brahma’s creation.
Vishnu maintains its condition. ||1||

Visible and invisible
Creating countless lives
Amazingly the creator
Is beyond characteristics . ||2||

These infinite galaxies
God keeps in momentum
Engulfing the ten directions
He often annihilates some. ||3||

In the flowing river of knowledge
Let your boat be of wisdom
Boatswain Satguru 1 ,
Will lead to shore of salvation . ||4||

1. Satguru: Spiritual Master

Ulka: But some devotees express their devotion
through 'Naam-smaran', repeating the name of the
Lord; some through singing hymns of praise, some
through reading of Scriptures and some through
silence. Then for someone who has come newly into
the path of devotion, who should be the role model.

Oh! Ulka, when you go to a doctor, he gives
different medicines to each type of patient, isn't it?
He gives that medicine which is appropriate.
The other person’s medicine may not suit you.

Indeed, we take only that medicine which suits us, isn't it?

Something similar or applies to devotion.

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