2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

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Song 15 :

Jnyan Granth
Books of Knowledge

At first there was the word
The word was with God
The word was God
Says the Christian faith ||1||

‘Aakar, Ukaar, Makaaar’ 1,
Together form the Omkar
This is the primordial seed
Says Jnyaneshwar , the saint of saints. ||2||

One who knows his ‘Atma’ 2
He shall know ‘Parmatma’ 3
Creation is the family of God
Says Prophet Mohammed. ||3||

This then is the seed-wisdom
Of all religions
The ‘duty’ bound ‘SOUL’
Incarnates in the world. ||4||

Taking into account,
Time, circumstances and place
Satguru 4 gives wisdom
In Books of Knowledge. ||5||

1. Aakar, Ukaar, Makaar : The three components of the primordial sound of Omm.
2. Atma : soul
3. Parmatma : God
4. Satguru : The great Spiritual Master

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