4: Jeevan Pravah, Life’s Journey

Preaching to the fetus in mother’s womb Mother’s Duties  Practical dealings
Mother’s milk  Child’s Enlightenment from Mother’s Milk
For the benefit of all…   Guru Knowledge.   Human birth
The devotion filled journey of life   Stepping into the Third Phase of life Confluence of Wealth


And yes…

Song 6 :

Sakal Jan Hitaya
For the benefit of all…

For the benefit of all
For the Happiness of all
Mother Goddess pours ‘Ganga –jal’, holy ganga water. ||1||

Like every mother has milk
To feed her baby
So also Mother Goddess has holy milk of knowledge,
For her devotee children. ||2||


This means that every person should realise that
whatever achievements he has in life…

the peaks of success that he is conquering
based on the good ‘sanskars’ he has got…

the foundation of all this, is at the birth when our mother…

All Yoginis together:
ed us affectionately with mother’s milk. Isn’t it ?
(all Yoginis laugh lightly)

‘Lord Vishnu’ and I decided that we will give freedom
to our human children, since they are highly intelligent.
But they often misuse the freedom which we gave them.
Hence there is sorrow in the world. If you see, even the
birds and animals are like our children. They are in our
complete control. Is there sorrow in them.? Man is intelligent,
and so he was given freedom……Lord Vishnu has
provided for every living creature in his creation. But mankind
has not tried to understand this….

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