2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

Oh! Mother, please bless us Worship of Mother The 64 Yoginis
The Devotion of Mother Amba The grief of Mother Goddess
Praise be to Mother Goddess  Mother Goddess ‘Gondhal’ festivity
Mother’s beauty Mother engulfs my heart The diety in Every Moment
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Lullaby of love Eight-Laxmi names Mother Forgive Me New Garments
Mahalakshmi virtues Three virtues of mother ‘Arati’ of Shri Mahalaxmi
‘Arati’ of Adishakti

Song 9 :

Aichey Ruup
Mother’s beauty

When I contemplate
On the beautiful form of Mother
The holy river ‘Ganga’
Gushes forth from my heart ||1||

Some love her as ‘Vaishno devi’,
Some as ‘Ambabai’,
All forms are but one
I prostrate to her humbly ||2||

The faithfulness of ‘Sita’
Incomparable ‘Bhakti’ of Radha
Know this lovely form of Mother
There shall be no sorrow and bother ||3||

1. Bhakti : devotion

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