2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

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‘Arati’ of Adishakti

Song 23 :

Aarati Adishaktichi
‘Arati’ of Adishakti

We perform the ‘Arati’ of Adishakti
The mother of the Universe
Mother of all ‘Jeevas’ 1 , living souls
Oh ‘Devi’ of great omniscience ||1||

I am but a rank ordinary person
Mother I have come to your shrine
Oh! Mother have mercy on me
And give shelter at feet thine ||2||

1. Jeeva : living soul

what a surprise ! We prayed to the Goddess,
and it appears as if she has appeared in the statues.
Come again for the morning prayers.
Sakhi 1:
yes, we will come. Would you please take rest,
every day you are so busy in performing the Pooja and
festivities. Don’t you get tired . Take some rest, dear..
Oh! Who am I to do anything. The entire power and
inspiration comes from Mother Goddess. And hence, I will
sleep at her feet here itself. So please do not worry about me.
Sakhi 1:
okay bye..

And so ends Pushpamala 2
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

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