2: The Glory of Mahalaxmi

Oh! Mother, please bless us Worship of Mother The 64 Yoginis
The Devotion of Mother Amba The grief of Mother Goddess
Praise be to Mother Goddess  Mother Goddess ĎGondhalí festivity
Motherís beauty Mother engulfs my heart The diety in Every Moment
Prayer Will He recognise me Recognising Truth Books of Knowledge
Lullaby of love Eight-Laxmi names Mother Forgive Me New Garments
Mahalakshmi virtues Three virtues of mother ĎAratií of Shri Mahalaxmi
ĎAratií of Adishakti

Song 22 :

Arati Shri Mahalaxmichi
ĎAratií of Shri Mahalaxmi

We perform the Ďaratií of Mahalaxmi
Our heart's full of good feelings
She looks indeed so graceful
Heart is filled with joy and healing ||1||

Consort of Lord Vishnu
Oh, Divine Mother give me shelter
Fill my heart with but your memory
This is my ardent prayer ||2||

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