5: Science and Spirituality

Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control. Science & Spirituality
Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
The Happiness of God Divine Union   The tree of Consciousness.
Pollination   Part of Heart   Injured  Mother Nature's obligation
The Wakeful Nature Deserving friends Where to hide ?
The love of God.   God's presence Shadow Consciousness


Song 16 :


Height of a shadow
Can you tell to anyone
Indeed, its length gives
Position of the sun. ||1||

Shadow of young sun.
Is very long cast.
In youthful stage.
It winds through feet fast . ||2||

This fickle shadow.
Again is tall in evening.
Can somebody guess the magic
Shadow’s tryin’ to sing. ||3||

Like the shadow of a person.
There’s a shadow of one’s mind
That gives depth of one’s thinking
Height of spirituality kind. ||4||

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