Sita Shakti Kavya, i.e. Sita’s Empowerment Anthology

A Multimedia Presentation

About Sita Shakti Kavya Anthology :

Welcome to the presentation of Sita Shakti Kavya (SSK).

The Sita Shakti Kavya ie. Sita's Empowerment Anthology largely represents the"Sanskar" i.e. value system imparted by Sita, of Indian epic Ramayana, to her twin children Lav and Kush.

The epic of Ramayana, dates back over 7000 years back.

Sita was the dutiful wife of King Rama of the Indian epic Ramayana. By force of circumstances Rama went into exile in the forest with Sita. Unfortunately, Sita was kidnapped by demon king Ravana of Lanka. Rama, with the help of forest dwellers slayed Ravana and brought Sita home to his kingdom Ayodhya.

Sita then became pregnant from her husband Lord Rama. But some doubtful citizens kept mouthing foul words about her , as she had been abducted by Ravana. To pacify them, Lord Rama banished Sita into the forests once again. Sita took shelter in the hermitage of fatherly sage Valmiki

SITA SHAKTI KAVYA i.e. Sita’s Empowerment Anthology begins here.

Sita Shakti Kavya :divided into 25 Chapters, this anthology is set in 'Rishi' (Sage) Valmiki's 'Ashram' (Hermitage) .It begins with pregnant Sita reminiscing to her 'Sakhis' (Lady Friends) about her past. Sita pines for her Lord Rama, who has cast her away.
However, the birth of Lav and Kush also turns out to be birth of a new 'Avatar' (Incarnation) of Sita viz that of a Mother.

Sita prays to Rishi Valmiki to give good knowledge of ‘Vedas’ (Divine Hymns), martial arts etc. to her twins, so that they grow up to be protectors of righteousness.

While the children are undergoing their rigorous schooling, under Rishi Valmiki, Sita as a mother keeps a watchful eye on their physical, emotional and spiritual development, because she aspires that they should prove to be worthy sons of 'Bharat' (India).

The anthology then slowly builds upon Sita's inherent inner spiritual strengths.
Her children, like any other children, keep questioning their mother about the life- processes, and myriads of other questions that intrigue a child.

As a Mother, Sita answers all their questions and imparts strong 'Sanskar' (Value System) to her children. Sita tells the children that ,
The purpose of life is to, fulfill 'Dharma' (Duty) towards Humankind. The essence of life is the Divine link of 'Atman' (Soul) to 'Paramatman' (God).”

Towards the end of the anthology, the episode of 'Ashwamegha-Yagnya' (Yagnya of the Sacrificial Horse) of Rama is narrated.

Lord Rama is overcome with affection on seeing the brave children.
He asks them various questions

Lav and Kush answer all the deep spiritual questions forthrightly, thanks to the knowledge given by their Mother Sita. With great admiration, Rama then asks them, who their Guru is, and who are their parents, who have given them such excellent education and training, as also 'Brahma Gnyan' (Supreme Knowledge)
Just then Sita enters dramatically.....

About Sita Shakti Kavya Presentation :

This multimedia presentation is delivered in person by Dr. Pradeep Wagh, author of SSK.

Duration of the presentation is about one and half hours. It comprises narration by Dr. Wagh, Bharatnatyam Dances presented in video form and interactive discussions.

Previous Presentations :

  • 5th Dec 2004 SSK presented to a distinguished gathering of poets. The author Dr. Pradeep Wagh was honored as ‘Sahitya Shiromani’ i.e. ‘Literary Jewel’ by the organisers ‘All India Hindi Sevi Sanstha’.
  • 26th June 2005 presentation made to NRI’s of Philadelphia , USA. Organisers: ‘Samarpan Hindu Temple Trust, USA’ and
  • 8th July 2005 presentation made to Dutch Devotees at Oisterwijk, The Netherlands . Organisers: “ Strategic Development Group”
  • 25th Feb 2007 and 6th June 2007, presentation at DEIS, Pune.

Credits :

  • Presented by : Development Education (International) Society
  • Produced and Directed by : Dr. Pradeep Wagh
  • Music : Mr. Uday Deshpande
  • Art Direction : Mr. Dhiraj Laddha
  • Editor : Mr. Ganesh Gaikwad, FTII , Pune
  • Choreography : Mrs. Uma Ghodke and Mrs. Namita Muzumdar of Samarchana School of Dance, Pune , India

About the Author Dr. Pradeep Wagh :

Dr.Pradeep Babanrao Wagh was born in Jhansi, Uttarpradesh,India. He is B.Tech. I.I.T ,Madras, and Master of Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),Thailand. He was awarded a Ph.D. in the year 2006 for his work in Enterprise Education.

Since childhood Dr. Wagh has grown up in a God fearing and spiritual environment. In 1994,in an eerie experience, Dr. Wagh felt some sublime thoughts emerging from deeper
precincts of his inner consciousness. He felt as if these were emerging as a result of blessings of his spiritual Guru late Chile Maharaj.This process continued for several years.
In 1998, he received inspiration to compile these into a trilogy:

  1. Sita Shakti Kavya i.e. Sita's Empowerment Anthology.
  2. Radha Bhakti Sudha i.e. Radha's Devotional Anthology.
  3. Maha Laxmi Mukti Sanwad i.e. Maha Laxmi's Dialogues of Emancipations

Dr.Pradeep Wagh is current Secretary General of Development Education (International) Society, Pune, India .

DEIS is producer of the SSK multi-media material.


Schedule of SSK Multimedia Presentations

1. Pune, India 06 th June 2007 DEIS,
2. Chicago, USA 29th July 2007 Mrs. Anuya Wagh Mistry,
3. Schaumburg, USA 11th August 2007 Mrs. Anuya Wagh Mistry,
4. Philedelphia, USA 26th August 2007 Mr. Bharat Gohel,,
5. Nottingham, UK 2nd September 2007 (Tentative) Ms. Kashmira Wagh,,
6. Nashik, India 15th Nov 2007 Mr. Jagdish Kulkarni,,
7. Pune, India 15 th Feb 2009 DEIS,


  • The SSK multi-media presentations are of a duration of about one and half hour. The presentation comprises narration by Dr. Wagh, Bharatnatyam Dances presented in video form and interactive discussions.
  • Are you also interested to organise a SSK multimedia presentation ? Then please contact the addresses given below.
  • Out of India Itinerary of Dr.Wagh :

    18th July 2007 to 30th August 2007: .........US Itinerary . Presentations booked in US as above. Other dates are still open.
    1 Sept. 2007 to 8 Sept. 2007 ....................UK Itinerary

  • For Whom: interested groups of NRI's , families ,Maharashtra Mandals, Social groups, communities, Western audiences, international spiritutal groups etc.
  • Presentation Arrangement Requirements : Organisers would need to arrange, on their own, a hall with seating arrangements for the invited groups . They would need to arrange for LCD projector, Screen, Amplifier system etc. Organisers would also need to do the local promotion and publicity and extend invitations to the audience members.Organisers may charge an entrance fees. Audio, Video CDs, books etc. of SSK can be arranged for sale at the venue in mutual consultation with Dr.Wagh .
  • Show Charges to be paid by organisers to Dr.Wagh/DEIS :

    Professional Fees : Voluntary donations will be accepted payable in cash or by Bank draft in name of "Development Education (International) Society"
    Air Fare : air-fare of Dr. Wagh for travel within US or North America, from and to Chicago, during the period 18 July to 31 August.
    1 Sept. to 8 Sept. within UK.
    For other dates, air-fare is requested from and to Pune, India.
    Stay Arrangements : All local transport and stay arrangements for Dr.Wagh are to be made by the organisers.

This presentation show is unique . It takes you beyond the obvious into the realm of Cosmic Harmony . Come join this sublimating spiritual experience .