5.Devotion through Love (Hari Bhakti)

The divine notes of Lord's flute ('Kanha' Ki Bansi)
I will search for Him (Hazaron Ghataon Se) Swing (Sawan Mein Jhoola),


Oh! Bindiya What are you all 'sakhis' doing their Trying to hide away from me. Come here, come in front of me…

We are watching, How you are lost in the thoughts of 'Kanha', the Lord You don't even know what is happening around you.

How can one remain conscious of one's surroundings, When my heart is pining to hear the divine notes of the Lord's flute Oh! Sakhi, tell me When will the divine notes fill the air?


The divine notes of Lord's flute ('Kanha' ki bansi)


Oh! Sakhi, tell me
When will sound the flute divine?
I am filled with longing
My heart for Him pines,

The clouds rumble
I seek a hiding place
I get all soaked though
In the showers of grace

The Gops and Gopis have come
To Jamuna river banks
They recount to each other
The Lord's loving pranks

Adoring eyes of the cows
Are with tears brimming
When divine flute plays
All in 'Gokul' go dancing.

Oh! Sakhi see at last
The divine flute He's playing.
I am filled with love,
My heart to Him is praying.

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