6.Infinite Devotion (Anant Bhakti)

Consciousness (Madhuban Main Aye)
Reaching the Beloved Lord's abode (Sakhi Mo Piya Ke Ghar) ,


Dear Radha, When one talks of 'Eternal Truth',
Is this not connected with the 'Cosmic consciousness'
Does this 'infinite cosmic consciousness' have any varied forms? . Please explain to us.

Basanti, Come let us go to the 'Madhuban', Garden of divine 'Raas' dance
The Lord 'Kanha' has come there. We will discuss this there.


Consciousness (Madhuban Main Aye)

Radha and others:

The Lord Gopal has come to the garden
Sakhi, He is so gracious in the 'Raas' dance.

Stones from the river bed
Are 'unmanifest consciousness'
By churning river flow
They express their bliss

Trees sway in the gust of wind
The 'unvoiced consciousness'
By giving flowers and fruit.
They too express their bliss

We grope in stream of 'Truth'
The 'manifest consciousness'
By truthful actions dear,
We too express our bliss.

The stars in the milky way,
Are 'Cosmic consciousness'
Like torches in darkness
Show His eternal bliss.

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