4: Jeevan Pravah, Life’s Journey

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Song 10 :

Tritya Ashram Padarpan
Stepping into the Third Phase of life

Entering the 'Tritiya-Ashram' 1 , Third phase of life,
Is indeed a sacred step,
Keeping 'Grihastashram', family-life, well
One should offer obeisance to one's Guru…||1||

Remember your beloved deities,
As also, your kith and kin,
Do only those deeds,
That look good in the society's norms. …||2||

You have now got the authority.
Of your knowledge and experience
Godly spirits will reside in your house
Salute them humbly . …||3||

Prostate yourself in front of your Guru,
and to your parents and elders.
Do not unnecessarily prostate yourself
In front of other strangers. ||4||

Beautify the world like a Lotus.
Be detached from the worldly charms.
Talk with husband wife, children, now
As if they are your equal friends ||5||

Give your thoughts.
Only to those who ask for them.
Do not unnecessarily preach
And make an exhibition of your knowledge ||6||

Remember that your own effulgence
Is but the power of God
Let it always perform good deeds.
Let this be your constant thought. ||7||

Whatever acts you did in the 'Dvitiya-ashram', second
phase of life,
They were the best at that point of time
Leave them now at the feet of the Lord.
And cross the threshold, remembering God. ||8||

Now, a new devotional dawn.
An excellent path to God realisation.
Let this be your goal.
Seek satisfaction therein . ||9||

The friends you had in the second phase of life.
Let them be intact with you
In the new environment of the third phase
New friends and relations will bud for you…||10||

So in the third phase of life.
Keep the relations of the second phase in happiness.
You will get new spiritual relations.
Keep this in mind and nourish them .||11||

Establish communication with these spiritual kin.
Purify yourself in their love divine
Make your journey of life, a grand success
And progress in spiritual development . ||12||

Notes: 1. Ashram : Life has been divided into four 'Ashramas',
phases of about 21 years each.
First phase is of 'Gurukul' , learning from the Guru.Second phase is of 'Grihast-ashram', or family .
'Tritiya-ashrma', Third phase is 'Vanprasth-ashram'
Fourth phase is 'Sanyas-ashram'.This song tries to tell about the third phase as applicable to common people.

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