5: Science and Spirituality

Morsel of 'Pranayama' , Breath-Control. Science & Spirituality
Comparative study of Science and Spirituality
The Happiness of God Divine Union   The tree of Consciousness.
Pollination   Part of Heart   Injured  Mother Nature's obligation
The Wakeful Nature Deserving friends Where to hide ?
The love of God.   God's presence Shadow Consciousness


Mother Laxmi, this expatiation of the subject has
made us feel blessed.

Mahalaxmi: But remember.
Whatever knowledge, you have heard.
First, you must imbibe it
and bring it into practice.
And then only think of teaching it to others.
With due modesty,
Whatever you have got
Know that its value is eternal.
But if you have not got some things in life,
do not be greedy for it,
do not grieve over it.
Only then what you have got
will remain with you.

it appears that science can be understood quickly,
while spirituality is a bit beyond human ken. Then, can one
use science, to understand spirituality?

Song 4 :

Sacchidanandaca Paramananda
The Happiness of God.

The growing tree trunk
Adds a circle of growth every year.
Giving good fertiliser.
Bears beautiful fruits and flower. ||1||

Soul is a traveller beyond living lives
From birth to birth embellished by actions.
In human birth, if he adds devotion
It leads to 'grace' accumulation. ||2||

When the tree blossoms
The gardener smiles contentedly.
Awakening to knowledge of the soul
Makes Lord God smile happily. ||3||

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